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June 30, 2011
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Alyssa Bio Kard by NefariousFusion Alyssa Bio Kard by NefariousFusion
as everyone is doing It, I thought to do it about Alyssa:


ALyssa's ancenstor, Mi-Han-Chi, was a skilled warrior who fought Shang Tsung before the Great Kung lao.
But He was tricked by the sorcerer and she died for protect her family.
Her husband, impressed by her honor, promised to train her daugther for defeat Shang Tsung and defend Earthrealm, and so on with every female child of their family.
Centuries had passed but they was all killed by the sorcerer or his minios, only her aunt Ly-an was able to survive from the Mortal Kombat tournament.
She trained Alyssa personally during her childhood, and when she was 14 yers old she told her the entire story of her family and gave her the Chi amulet.
She was sent to the Wu-shi academy, and She was trained by Liu Kang and Kung lao.
During her training she started to hate the Mortal Kombat Tournament, because it destroyed her family, and, most of all, the sorcerer Shang Tsung because He cursed her family.
He grew with that huge hatred on her heart, making her soul darker, but she started to be attached to Kung lao's favourite student: Florencia (:iconprincess-flopy-13: 's OC -AN-) , and she promised to her that she would always protect her.
When she was 18 she received the pair of ancient armlet, filled with Outworld's magic and Chi's power, and the Mi-Han-Jian, her ancestor's sword.
In that period she was trained By Fujin, who taught her how to controll the power of the armlets.

She went outworld for training different times, the last time was few week before the death of Liu Kang.
During that period she met the blind swordman Kenshi, they helped each other when a group pf Tartakas attacked them both.
After The battle Alyssa was fascinated by his skills, but only when she saved him from a "not-dead-yet" tartaka he let her joint his journal.
Alyssa started to admire Kenshi for his strong will, and feel something more deeper for him.
But when Kung lao told her Liu kang was killed by Shang Tsung and Quan-chi, she was forced to leave him and went to Bo-rai-Cho's dojo.
then she reunited with the other earthrealmers, and went against the Deadly alliance.
But the battle was too hard for her, She was soon divided from her allies, and when she was able to help them it wa too late.
She saw with her eyes Shang Tsung Killing Kung lao, and when she tought she killed her bestfriend too, an incredible rage filled every part of her body.
She challenged The sorcerer to Mortal Kombat, but the rage blinded her and she was defeat.
Shant Tsung trapped her with his firesnake, and he was going to kill her, by sending her to the Soulnado, but Raiden saved her in extremis, opening a portal for another realm.
During that she falled counsciousless (sorry, I don't remember the correct word-AN-).

Hours later she found herself on Seido, the realm of Order, in what she tought was an hospital.
She met Hotaru, her old commander durint her first training in Outworld, who told her he found her badly injured and consciusless.
He said she could stay on Seido until she complete recover from the battle, but no even that could stop her to help her friends.
Alyssa wanted to went back to Outworld for fight again but for do that, she was forced to became a seidan guardsmen, so she decided to wear her old cadet armor again.
When Hotaru suddently disappear she was chosen for the mission, but during her wandering in Outworld she met again Kenshi and The lin Kuei Warror Sub-zero.
They told her about their journal for went back ot Earthrealm, Alyssa suddently forgot about her quest and decided to join them.
She passed a lot of time with Kenshi, and her feeling for him became more deeper.
(When Sub-zero Knew about her cursh for the swordman, he said to forget her feelings for him, but she didn't heard him).
When they reached the portal for Earthrealm they were attacked by Hotaru, who was able to Blind Sub-Zero and to daze her and Kenshi.
the swordman was able to recover more faster than her and he was going to attack the seidan, until Alyssa stepped between them and attack her old commander.
She told them to escape from the realm, and when she was sure they was in safe, she dazed Hotaru with her daggers and passed trought the portal, back to Earthrealm.

Few days passed since that, and Alyssa was able to reunite with her friend and her master, but when she learn about the death of Shang Tsung, she thought that her ancestors was finally free, and her length as a member of the society was no more usefull.
She left the Wu-shi Academy and wandered around the world in search of her true destiny, but during a night she saw a familiar sillouette, moving silenty near an old building.
She followed the shadow and recognize it as Kenshi (yes, they met a lot of times XD) and decided to follow him and help him, if it was neccessary.
Her help was useless, and the swordman recognized her soon, but she was almost considered his partner, and Alyssa was almost forced to join him on his mission.
Hiding at day and wandering at night, Alyssa started to think about her life, and about she went always from a batlle to another, however, the time passed with Kenshi letted her to increase his spiritual strange and make her more determinate.
(one day she was able to tell to Kenshi about her feelings for him, even he said he coudn't love her back, he was impressed by his courage and respected her feelings).
When they was searching the Red Dragon base they met the Movie Star Johnny Cage, who told them about the Fallen God Shinnok and his plan.
When he asked them to met together with the other member of the Light, Kenshi refuse the Invitation, but Alyssa feeled again inside her the volunteer to help her allies, so she accepted to Join again.
After left again his partner (not before giving him a surprise Kiss, actually because she wanted to do it and because she felt something dark in the air, like the death was coming to take them), she understood what Fujin told her before she left the Academy: even in her new life she was still bounded with the Mortal kombat and she was still a white lotus member.
With Johnny she reunited again with her allies, and before the beginning of the last battle she was more determinated than ever to fight for the light, she was determinated to fight with her new family and to protect her homerealm.
More than ever she was determinate to fulfill her destiny, as a member of the force of light, and last descendant of Mi-han-Chi.

Jeez... is so long, I spent 2 days for writing it.
Sorry my crappy english T_T, I'm not so good.
As you noticed the are a lot of stupid things, expecially inside the parenthesis ;)

PS: AN means "autor's note"
PPS: the bio is divided in 4 timeline : pre-event, Deadly Alliance, Deception, Armageddon.
PPPS: Kenshi and Alyssa met toghether a LOT of times. Why? because yes ;) XD .

EDIT: changed alyssa's sword name, because I mistakely wrote Mi-Han-Ryu instead of Mi-han-Jian.
Why tis change? because the jian is a chinese sword, so ti fits better.

Alyssa: me.
meme: :iconraverpanda: [link]
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iceangelmkx Jun 30, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Nice concept. :)
iceangelmkx Jul 1, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
You're welcome. :)
NatyHibou Jun 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice! <33 I really like your character :'D She seems really complex.
Thanks ^^,I'm glad you like her.
NatyHibou Jul 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure! <3
Princess-Flopy-13 Jun 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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